Candid Behind the Scene Conversation With Friend Richard Levy -THE MANGUM PROJECT - Part One

Candid behind the scenes excerpt from “The JOURNEY of “MY STORY, THROUGH THE EYES, EARS, EXPERIENCES and ERAs OF TED L. MANGUM”.

🎬 Directed by: Dennis @tristangreye Chisholm

🎼 Scored by: @AShamalueMusic

🎥 Produced by: DreamTeam Productions | Alone In A Crowd Media | Synoptic Arts

🎭: Richard Levy - Philanthropist/ President - HBD, Inc. | Pacific Concepts & Ted L. Mangum - Founder of Americas Child RELAY / Vietnam Veteran

Ted Mangum’s America’sChild RELAY initiative to advocate enrichment of youth:


AmericasCHILD RELAY Children/Youth Development program was established in 1986 and over almost 3 decades from North Carolina to Maryland, HELPED develop nearly 1,000 children between the ages of 3-19. Many of these children have become adults over the years and now are doctors, lawyers, actors/actresses, educators, teachers, military personnel, engineers, healthcare professionals, entreprenuers, etc. They have gone on to attend some of this nation's best colleges & universities (North Carolina A&T, UNC, East Carolina, Howard U., Florida A&M, Harvard U., UNC-G, NCCU, etc.)

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