Ted Mangum Discusses Politics with Richard Levy

Conversation between Ted and Richard regarding Vietnam War and frustration with Veteran Affairs behind the scenes excerpt from “The JOURNEY of “MY STORY, THROUGH THE EYES, EARS, EXPERIENCES and ERAs OF TED L. MANGUM”.

🎬 Directed by: Dennis tristangreye Chisholm

🎼 Scored by: @AShamalueMusic

🎥 Produced by: DreamTeam Productions | Alone In A Crowd Media | Synoptic Arts

Richard Levy - Philanthropist/ President - HBD, Inc. | Pacific Concepts & Ted L. Mangum - Founder of Americas Child RELAY / Vietnam Veteran

Ted Mangum’s America’sChild RELAY initiative to advocate enrichment of youth:


AmericasCHILD RELAY Children/Youth Development program was established in 1986 and over almost 3 decades from North Carolina to Maryland, HELPED develop nearly 1,000 children between the ages of 3-19. Many of these children have become adults over the years and now are doctors, lawyers, actors/actresses, educators, teachers, military personnel, engineers, healthcare professionals, entreprenuers, etc. They have gone on to attend some of this nation's best colleges & universities (North Carolina A&T, UNC, East Carolina, Howard U., Florida A&M, Harvard U., UNC-G, NCCU, etc.)